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« on: August 22, 2008, 02:07:38 PM »
01. Signatures = MAXIMUM size is 400(width)X200(height)pixels.

02. Avatars = MAXIMUM size is 100(width)X100(height)pixels.

03. Misc. Images = MAXIMUM size is 800(width)X600(height)pixels. **2 Images Per Skin MAX**

04. Profanity, Pornography, Or Obscene Images Of Any Type Will Not Be Tolerated!

05. Talk Of Illegal/Pirated Software And/Or Warez Sites Or Links To Them Is Not Permitted!

06. Anyone Who Circumvents The Censor List With New And Creative Ways Of Spelling And Or Punctuation Will Receive An Official Strike. EXAMPLE: idiot = !d!ot, idi0t, 1d1ot, idi*t...etc

07. All Images Containing Censored Words MUST Have The Offensive Content Either Blurred Or Blacked Out. Failure To Do So Will Result In The Image Being Deleted And An Official Strike. If You Think It May Be Borderline Then Do Us And Yourself A Favor And Make The Above Changes.

08. Any offensive content posted or linked to is subject to an automatic ban at the discretion of the staff/management.  Use common sense and remember that this is a site where youths are welcome and present.  You should conduct yourself in a morally sound and respectable fashion.

The Ultimate Decision Is Left Up To The Forum Moderators. You Will Get ONE WARNING!, Then The Offensive Posts/Images Will Be Edited/Removed By A Moderator Within A Designated Period Of Time. We Will Be Using A Three Strikes And You're Out System. This Does Not Mean You Will Be Banned For Life, But After Three Strikes, You Will Be Suspended From The Site And All Forum Privledges Will Be Revoked For An Indefinate Period Of Time. However, Some Extreme Cases May Result In An Instant Suspension/Ban. Any Attempt To Re-Enter Before Serving Your Suspension (ie. Creating New Names/Accounts To Regain Access) May Result In A Lifetime Ban.

If Any Member Feels They Are Being Abused In Any Way, Feel Free To Contact A Moderator So We Can Help You Take Care Of The Problem.

We The Staff At Reserve The Right To Update/Modify The Rules/Content/Format At Any Time We See Fit In Order To Further Improve The Site/Forum.

All Files/Images Are The Sole Property Of Unless Otherwise Noted, You Must Ask For Permission To Use Any Of Our Content!

Any Attempt To Hack/Manipulate This Site In Any Way Is Illegal, Violators Will Be Prosecuted!

Respect Others And Others Will Give You Respect!

By Posting In Any Part Of The Forum, You Signify You Have Read And Agreed To These Rules!
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